Show ticket discounts for Viva ELVIS

Viva Elvis at Aria Las Vegas

You missed Brad but not the 30% off ticket discount.

Did you see Brad Womack from “The Bachelor” fly across the Elvis stage during his recent quest to find love?  (Doesn’t everyone take 6 or 7 suitors to Las Vegas on an epic journey to find “the one?”)  While Brad the bachelor was a one-night-only thing, Elvis the show goes on at ARIA five days a week — dark Sunday and Monday — and we found a way to get 30% off your tickets.

From now through February 28, get a big discount on Viva ELVIS tickets through Facebook and ARIA.  To get the discounted tickets, use your mobile device to “check in” on property at ARIA with either foursquare or Facebook.  When you do, a coupon will pop up on your screen and by simply showing that at the Box Office,  you can purchase your tickets for 30% off!  With the discount tickets can range from $120-$70 each.  You can redeem this every time you check in online!

Tip:  This is NOT your typical Cirque show.  Viva ELVIS focuses on singing and dancing not high-flying acrobatics.  Fans of Elvis and his music will love it while those looking for a Mystere-like stage show will be disappointed.  So go for the King, not the trapeze artists.

For all the details, here’s a link to ARIA’s Facebook page:  ARIA Las Vegas fb

Here’s more on how to use the “check in” feature on facebook:  Facebook places

Reviews on the show are happening here:  Cirque du Soleil Viva ELVIS on Yelp.